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Are you spending too much of your valuable time every day researching WeedMaps and dispensary menus to find your next sales opportunity?

Do you wish there was a way to get into a new dispensary on the ground floor before the doors are even open to customers? 

Getting your brand into a new retailer is a huge sales win. By helping you identify the best new prospects easily, and develop an effective approach to get your brand on their shelf, Pistil lets you spend less time on research and more time opening accounts and building meaningful customer relationships.

Pistil gives you a list of Prospects for any territory you choose. You can then filter these Prospects in a number of powerful ways. You can get a list of Prospects that do or do not stock certain brands (such as your competitor). You can find stores that have holes in their menu. You can even get a list of prospects that carry products at a certain price point. 

Another good way to prospect stores is by finding Winbacks. Winbacks are stores where your brand is no longer on the shelf, but that used to stock your products. They tend to be high-value opportunities since they are familiar with your brand and may have simply run out of all of your products. Pistil gives you an updated list of Winbacks every day. 

At some point, you likely will want to visit a Prospect to see the store and meet in person with the buyer or manager there. To plan your sales calls, you can use Pistil’s map feature to see what other clients or prospects are nearby to make your trip even more productive. 

Getting in more doors is a helpful tool for every salesperson, but it is particularly valuable for those brands that are new or opening up a new market or territory. 

“My sales team can go into Pistil and pull up a list of every new dispensary in each of their territories”, says Devin Penhall, General Manager at Timeless Select.  “They can see what brands they currently carry (and don’t). This means we can get out in front, go to the store even before it opens up, meet the staff, get them samples, slip them a business card, and get a meeting set up as soon as possible.”

Once he and his team are in on the ground floor of a dispensary, Devin then works with the customer to build a real plan on how Timeless Refinery can help promote its products and truly partner for mutual success.  

If you want to hear more about how Pistil can help you get in new doors, expand shelf space, and get faster reorders, request a demo below or contact your customer success representative. 

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