James Ulrich Director of Sales
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James Ulrich Director of Sales
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Because selling weed is awesome

Let’s face it, selling weed for a living is a pretty amazing job. And we have some serious admiration for the #DopeSales pros who are killing quota in the cannabis industry. 

We love that our customers find value in Pistil and use our platform daily to get into more dispensary doors, put more products on shelves, and drive more business and revenue for their brands. 

Today, Pistil is shining our #DopeSales spotlight on James Ulrich, Director of Sales for Final Bell Corporation. James made the move into cannabis a couple of years back. James is now leading the growth and development of Final Bell’s sales team. 

How did you find your way into cannabis sales? 

James: “The cannabis industry was always a goal for me to experience and work in. Timing and opportunity needed to collide, and that happened for me in 2020.”

What’s your favorite part of the job? 

James: “My favorite part of the job and the industry are the stories of everyone in this industry. I love asking and hearing what brought people into cannabis. Everyone has a reason they joined the cannabis movement and they are always incredibly passionate about it. Also, I love being at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. It makes your approach to business much more open-minded and unlike some other industries, you get to try things for the first time and implement new processes more often if need be.”

What’s the hardest part of cannabis sales? 

James: “Ironically, while I love the fast-changing cannabis market, the relative immaturity and speed of change also can be the toughest part of the job. With cannabis still finding its identity, the ever-changing atmosphere can also be unsettling at times. You just have to embrace it and grow with it!” 

What is your #1 sales pro tip? (the secret to your success)

James: Sales is all about building and maintaining great relationships while earning trust and always delivering on the expectations you set. People only want to work with those they trust.”

How does Pistil help you and your team?

James: “Pistil gives sales organizations like mine the ability to manage their territories, their accounts, and most importantly, their time. It is a super-effective tool and an absolute game-changer for our team at Final Bell. We love the Pistil reporting emails that come to our inboxes every Monday morning. We use them as target lists to either sell in, upsell, gain new business or win back opportunities and to study the competitive insights as well as pricing on specific accounts. And Pistil’s new mapping feature is very helpful when our sales reps are already in-market and need a quick lookup to a specific area. 

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